What is Tapping (EFT)?

We all have things we’ve experienced in life that, if we could turn back the clock, we would choose to omit.

These moments of distress or trauma, even though they may seem small and irrelevant to you now as an adult, can influence the way you function in life.

You might have become the ‘responsible one’, making sure that everyone around you is ok, or the ‘high functioner’ who picks up the slack no matter how much it exhausts you. You might react to certain things/situations in a way that you don’t like or expect of yourself and you feel helpless to change any of it.

Perhaps anxiety has taken up residence in your life, or you’ve become a bit (or a lot!) obsessive about cleaning or tidiness, or you’re more critical of others than you’d like.

Maybe you’re in a relationship that is unhappy or frustrating and you seem to attract the same type of partner no matter how hard you try to ‘choose better’ each time.

Maybe you’re drinking, smoking, eating more than you want to, and you don’t know what to do about it. You’ve probably tried everything!

Well, there is a simple and non intrusive process available to everyone, that can release you from all those ‘links to the past’ that keep you trapped in certain behaviours and in the ‘picture of how you view/experience yourself’….

I’ve been working alongside people for over a decade, using EFT, and the results have been astounding.

I’ve been in the privileged position to witness hundreds of clients who have experienced -

-          Calm instead of anxiety

-          Healed relationships instead of conflict and pain

-          Release from distressing memories

-          Release from the effects of childhood sexual abuse

-          Release from the effects of childhood physical and emotional abuse

-          Release from the emotional intensity of past uncomfortable / humiliating / traumatic incidents

-          Release from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

-          Release from depression

-          Release from physical pain

-          Weight loss

-          Lowered alcohol and smoking levels


One of the great aspects of EFT is that it is simple enough to use on yourself, between sessions, so that you can expedite your own healing process!

If you’ve sought counselling before, and you’re really ‘over’ telling your stories, in the hope they’ll eventually feel less intense and/or painful, EFT is for you!

If you choose not to tell me the details of your ‘traumatic/distressing’ event/s, that’s just fine. The process of EFT works, even if you choose not to disclose any details.

Sounds too good to be true? The worst thing that could happen if you try EFT, is that there is no change…. Sounds like that’s what’s happening already!

The best outcome with EFT is that you can be released forever, from the memories that could be binding you… preventing you from living the life that you desire.

If you’d like to make an appointment so that you can experience EFT for yourself, please give me a call.

Daytime, evening & Saturday appointments are available at North Lakes.

Skype sessions are also available.

Hoping you’ll step into a period of time that will present you with all that you need to become the person you want to become….




What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (known as EFT or Tapping) is based on the Ancient Chinese Principles of acupuncture although with EFT, fingertips are used to ‘tap’ on specific points on the face and upper body rather than needles! EFT has been shown to be a fast and effective way to work with anxiety and trauma (see links)

The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere.

You will find that EFT is a gentle process that can often achieve substantial relief.

In Britain, the National Health Service now offers Tapping as a part of its Mental Health Improvement training program.


How does EFT Work?

The limbic system (the collective name for structures in the human brain involved in emotion, motivation, and emotional association with memory) is ‘electrically charged’ when we experience an emotion. These electrical impulses cause a release of adrenalin, which are useful if there is a need to ‘fight, flee or freeze’ in the face or danger.

When there is no imminent danger, and the feeling is affecting us in a negative or challenging way, tapping on the meridians of energy connected to the limbic system can control the release of adrenalin and settle both the body and the mind.

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Why EFT?

Even though ‘talk therapy’ can be beneficial, and some long lasting positive  outcomes can result, current research suggests that much of our emotion gets ‘stuck’ in the meridians of energy that run through the human body and if that can be rectified, the connection between the emotional responses and an event or memory can be reduced significantly.

When we’re stressed or anxious it is usual to feel a change somewhere in our body. This might be a constriction in the throat, palpitations in the chest, rise in body temperature, clenching of the stomach, pain etc. 

These physical symptoms are our natural indicators that something is amiss and the use of EFT is a process that uses our natural ‘acupressure points’ to bring physical and emotional relief.

EFT is a fast and highly effective way to work on any issue that evokes a heightened sense of anxiety or stress.


A significant benefits of using EFT with PTSD, is that re-traumatisation is avoided because EFT does not require the retelling or re-experiencing of traumatic events.


Here are some links to the work being done with people experiencing PTSD. Note the work being done with returned soldiers.


Research Article 1

Follow the link & scroll down the page to ‘PTSD’ articles


Video footage – ‘Operation Emotional Freedom - Using EFT for PTSD’

http://www.operation-emotionalfreedom.com /index-4.html


The compelling evidence for Tapping

Countless clinical trials and case studies have proven the effectiveness of Tapping and energy psychology. For instance…


1Tapping helps you instantly relax

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that stimulating acupressure points through Tapping reduces blood flow to the amygdala, which leads to an increase in endorphins, an increase in soothing GABA waves and reduced cortisol levels. The result is an instant sensation of calmness, and a dramatic reduction in anxiety symptoms.

2Tapping reduces pain

Multiple studies have shown that acupoint stimulation through tools like Tapping – even without needles – results in pain relief beyond anything achievable by conventional medication.

3Tapping is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders

A study conducted by Dr Joaquin Andrade on 5,000 participants suffering from anxiety disorders showed that approximately 50% more patients who underwent energy psychology treatments like Tapping reported complete remission of symptoms when compared to those who underwent conventional treatment.

4Tapping reduces stress

A recent study compared the effects of psychotherapy, no treatment and Tapping on the stress levels of 83 participants. The group of participants who went through Tapping demonstrated a significant decrease in cortisol levels, the chemical that causes stress – while the remaining two groups showed no decrease whatsoever.

5Tapping aids in weight loss

A study on 96 obese/overweight adults by researchers at the School of Medicine in Griffith University, Australia, found that participants who were trained to use Tapping demonstrated an intense reduction in food cravings. A follow-up study one year later showed persistent results, and an overall decrease in the participants’ Body Mass Index (BMI).

6Tapping helps reduce phobias

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2003 showed that one Tapping session with 35 participants was enough to demonstrate a significant decrease in specific phobias, for instance the phobia of small animals, when compared to conventional treatments like deep breathing. In follow-up tests 6 to 9 months later, those who had experienced Tapping reported even better improvements.

7Tapping positively modifies DNA

A study conducted by the Heartmath Institute showed that when a study participant evoked strong positive emotions like love and appreciation through practices like Tapping, their DNA unwound and increased in length. Negative emotions, on the other hand, caused strands of their DNA to shorten and in some cases disappear. In other words, working with your emotions allows you to change your genetic make-up and your life.

8Tapping dramatically alleviates Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In a clinical trial at Marshall University Medical School, 32 war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were put through a series of Tapping sessions. After just 6 sessions, 87% of these subjects were cleared from any further symptoms of PTSD. As a comparison, conventional therapy typically cures only 40% of PTSD patients.

9Tapping helps overcome fear in children

In a clinical trial of 50 Rwandan orphans who had lost their families to ethnic cleansing, one single Tapping session lasting between 20 to 60 minutes resulted in a dramatic reduction of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 47 of the 50 participants. Similar results were seen in a study of 8 Peruvian child abuse victims, who showed a marked improvement after one Tapping session.

10Tapping significantly reduces pain and depression

In a Swedish study, fibromyalgia patients who were given Tapping exercises reported a 29% improvement in depression symptoms and a 22% drop in pain within just 8 weeks: a result they would not have accomplished through conventional treatment.

Generally, good results can be experienced in a shorter time than ‘talk therapy’ therefore a reduced number of sessions are usually required